20 november, 2014, Informatica Day Belux, Keynote “From Data tragedy to Information Strategy” by Jan Henderyckx, Groot-Bijgaarden

Jan will keynote at the Informatica Day Belux on november 20th 2014.

“From Data tragedy to Information Strategy, making your organisation information centric”

Not looking at the data in your organisation as an asset often means that you leave a huge potential untapped which your competitor could turn into a advantage. The internet of things and data that is harder to obtain value from (also called Big Data) is a reality that every business model is faced with. Poor information management indeed leads to data tragedy if you don’t take action. The answer is not just a capability discussion but requires a mindset change at all levels in the organisation.

  • Defining what information is relevant for your business model?
  • Making it happen, the steps you need to take to succeed.
  • Convincing your management to act
  • A practical roadmap