Webinar: Getting Your Organisation from Information Poor to Information Driven, Jan Henderyckx

The data rich, information poor” statement applies to many organisations. Big Data, MDM, Reference Data Management, Information Quality, Information Governance, Analytics, Appliances, …. There are many trends and buzzwords in the industry today that all try to address the fundamental problem of strategy driven information management. It’s also very likely that you are able to put multiple ticks in the box for each of the hypes your company is jumping on the bandwagon. But are each of these initiatives working towards a common goal?
In this webinar, Jan Henderyckx takes you through a holistic information strategy framework that will allow your organisation to minimize information risks and maximize the value of one of your most fundamental assets.

  • Defining what information is business critical
  • What are the core elements that you need to execute your information strategy
  • Fundamental information capabilities and applicable patterns.

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