Stibo systems MDM Event 2013 Stibo Systems

Multi-domain Master Data Management(MDM): Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts?

Keynote at Stibo  2013 Master Data Management Event, October 23-24 in London by Jan Henderyckx

When embarking on a MDM journey many companies struggle in deciding where to start, which domain or all domains, across the enterprise or in one department, business? Does it make sense to start by looking at the MDM landscape as one global concept or can you just lump all best-of-breed parts together and call that a strategy? Which characteristics should a proper MDM strategy have? Is the domain the main driver or should we focus on what benefits and capabilities the solution will bring to your business, in the short and longer term? Jan will share his insights and experience in how to progress your MDM strategy to reap the rewards required to support your business growth.