May 18th 2015, PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP: A Proposal for Information Governance Working Model and Roles, IRMUK London

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May 18th:  14:00-17:15 – Afternoon Half Day Workshop

One of the main information governance challenges is trying to properly position it within an organisation and more importantly define the interaction with other disciplines that are already established in an organisation.  Most organisations are faced with each information related discipline trying to solve the puzzle in their own unique way. Each approach might make sense, but stop short answering the real question how all of this fits together. There are many working models for information governance defined but we have no industry consensus on terms such as data steward or owner. During this session Jan will propose a working model that is able to cover the core information governance activities and that allows you to establish information governance in your own organisation.

  • Fundamental tasks and roles in information governance
  • How do we position information governance, data management, BI, quality, enterprise architecture, risk and data science?
  • Comparing COBIT 5, Mike 2.0 TOGAF and DMBOK
  • Applying the roles to your organisation
  • Enabling the change
  • Transforming from program to recurrent mode
  • Linking the governance roles to other disciplines
  • Defining the objectives and formal deliverables allowing you to interact with the other organisational components.
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