december, 2017

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Infonomics – the discipline of tying economic significance to information – is maturing. Innovative companies in all kinds of industries are realizing data’s value in generating revenue. It’s these companies that will have a competitive advantage as we continue our transformation into this data-driven, decision-centric future. Businesses are depending on data and information due to the need of handling an exponential amount of data. The importance of data science increases significantly.

Keynote by Jan Henderyckx

Big data: Ethics, Governance and Compliance

Big data governance is not just about making sure that you efficiently use your Hadoop cluster. By democratising big data capabilities, questions arise on the regulatory- and ethical compliance of data usage. Locking all data down is not the answer as we would lose too much value, so how do you get sustainable and compliant value out of your big data?

This presentation will lead you through information- vs. big data governance and the impact of the requirements on the architecture, pointing out the ethical issues of big data and providing the audience with some practical tips on how to be compliant.


All Day (Thursday)


De Montil

Moortelstraat 4-10