June 12th 2014, Keynote: “Information Strategy: More than just data priorities”, GSE Belux

June 12th 2014, 9h30-10h30
IBM Brussels HQ, Bourgetlaan 42, Brussels, Belgium

Keynote: “Information Strategy: More than just data priorities”

3rd June 2014, “Optimaliseer uw Informatiestrategie en Informatie Governance”, Adept Events

3rd June 2014
Hotel Lapershoek, Hilversum, Nederland
Workshop: “Optimaliseer uw Informatiestrategie en Informatie Governance”

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June 16th 2014, Workshop: “Information Governance: van definitie tot implementatie”, SAI

June 16th 2014 13h30 – 20h30
Van der Valk Brussels Airport Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

Workshop: “Information Governance: van definitie tot implementatie”

February 11, 2014, Datability Enterprise Data Management 2014 Conference, Riyadh

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Jan Henderyckx presented “Turning BIG DATA into Information and Ultimately big Insights”

Part 1 (Jan’s talk starts at 7:41)

Part 2


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Collibra Thought leader session, 1 September 2013 by JAN HENDERYCKX
This session introduces a practical approach that extends upon the basic definition management and bridges the gap with the content improvement that is badly needed for trusted master data. Managing both the meaning and the representation in a business semantics glossary is a powerful way of implementing this concept. It also explains how to deal with one of the fundamental MDM challenges which is the distinction between the essence of the concept and the functional classification. You will no longer have to struggle with the question if it’s party or supplier and customer.
Managing the business semantics is a core activity to enable business alignment and achieve accurate and trusted information but it’s only an enabler for improved quality of information. The actual content of the master and reference objects will determine if the objective was met. The content governance is therefore an equal contributor to the end result. Solving the representation consistency can only be addressed if there is a clear view on the different semantical views of the master data. Properly addressing the functional classifications is another fundamental building block of MDM.

Listen to the presentation at the Collibra website