February 28th- March 2nd, 2017, Seminar “Managing Your Information Asset”, London

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Three One Day Workshops on Information Strategy, Information Governance and MDM

This workshop is made up of three 1-day workshops:

  • Day 1: Establishing a Sustainable (BIG) Information Strategy
  • Day 2: Information Governance: From Definition to Execution
  • Day 3: Master and Reference Data Management

You can register to attend 1, 2 or 3 days of the workshop.

Can your organisation turn it’s data into revenue and can you sustain the required accuracy and trust levels to maintain compliance and get effective operations?  Most companies are emerging from the age of automation and face the non-trivial task of creating a data driven mind-set that favours fact based decision taken and that uses information centricity to break the organisational silo’s.  Assigning a Chief Data or Analytics Officer next to the Data Protection Officer is not going deliver the value if you don’t have a clearly defined roadmap, strategy, roles and activities to sustain the initiative. Too often innovation neglects the basic fact that being information centric is about the entire organisation and not just an elite group that has the keys to the kingdom.   This 3 day workshop, encompassing three one day workshops on Defining Information Strategy, Information Governance and Master and Reference Data Management will teach you how you can turn your organisation around and make it information centric delivering on the promise of accurate and trusted business information that supports compliance and boosts innovation.


Many studies have indicated that we have evolved from the age of automation to the information age. Proper information management and insights have become a linchpin that act as a catalyst for the execution of your business strategies. Information can be supporting or defining your business model. Having the data in your organisation is not enough as the true value comes from your ability to turn the data into operational information and insights that allow you to create business value and make strategic and tactical decisions. Aligning your information requirements with strategic business objectives is critical.

The information strategy sets the direction but the route is long and winding. Information governance assures the shared meaning, attitudes and capabilities are consistent with the information and insight risk and value.

Increasing operational complexity and data volumes in today’s organisations often result in unacceptable data quality, escalating costs and redundant development efforts. Information governance is a set of processes for the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of the information assets in an enterprise. Thereby ensuring that information and insights can be trusted and that people can be made accountable for any adverse event that happens because of quality or interpretation problems.

Do you recognise that information is a business asset but do you struggle to setup the proper roles, processes and architectural principles to manage the information asset?

This two day seminar and workshop teaches you how you can turn your organisation around and make it information centric delivering on the promise of accurate and trusted business information.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to engage your business and have them take the lead and recognise the value of information.
  • Learn how to adapt the organisation to make information centric
  • Learn how to establish an information governance organisation
  • Learn how to manage speech communities and business vocabularies
  • Learn how to align your IT with your information strategy
  • Get more value out of your MDM projects
  • Learn how to redefine your Business Intelligence architecture
  • Learn how to get the benefits of Big Data
  • Select the proper Enterprise Information platform to support your information strategy


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