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The story behind the Inpuls Logo

Information is the pulse of your organisation. If managed properly, is has the ability to drive you to be more efficient and effective, to achieve your goals. The logo is simple/clean. We get the job done without any extras that serve no practical purpose other than to decorate. We get you from your existing “darker” […]


Mind the data gap

With the cost of computing and managing data going down every year, your organisation is able to capture and store increasing amounts of data. At the start of computing we were optimising applications and data storage to gain bytes. Nowadays, we have the ability to store TBs. Given the shift in cost per TB the […]

Stibo systems MDM Event 2013 Stibo Systems

Multi-domain Master Data Management(MDM): Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts? Keynote at Stibo  2013 Master Data Management Event, October 23-24 in London by Jan Henderyckx When embarking on a MDM journey many companies struggle in deciding where to start, which domain or all domains, across the enterprise or in one department, business? […]

Jan Henderyckx won best speaker award

The participants of the Scandinavian Data Management Conference (22 & 23 March) chose Jan Henderyckx and Aleksander Wolodarski as the best speakers (sharing first place). Congratulations, Jan ! Jan has donated the 5000 SEK (500+ Euro) prize money to Unicef .